Thinking beyond the front pack: considerations in choosing a baby carrier

Note: This post was originally posted years ago using the “crotch dangler” language which I have since come to understand is derisive …thus the edited title and URL. We all grow and learn!! “Narrow Based Carrier” or “Front Pack” are more appropriate terms for this carrier type. It’s no secret that I love babywearing…but hate […]

Infant Carriers and Spinal Stress

by Rochelle L. Casses, D.C. UPDATE: This article was written in the 1990s when the all of the popular upright baby-carrier designs had the harmful characteristics described below. Today, several new and improved upright carrier designs are available. The gold standard for carrying your baby should be your own arms. In other words, an upright […]

Dr. Kirkilionis – “A baby wants to be carried”: considerations when buying a baby carrier or baby sling

Considerations When Buying a Baby Carrier or Baby Sling When judging different baby carriers, baby slings, baby packs, baby tubes, and kangaroo carriers, we prefer carriers that allow baby to sit up straight and face toward the baby-wearer’s chest. The residue of harmful chemicals is certainly the first deciding factor, and research on this topic […]

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