How to Purchase our Carriers

Direct Order through the Website

To order a carrier, you don’t have to leave your home!

 You can choose how to receive the carrier:

  • Home Delivery
  • Pickup from a location near your home
  • Self-Pickup, by appointment, subject to availability

When ordering from the website:

  • Our customer service will be happy to assist and guide you in choosing and using the carrier. (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram)
  • The carrier can be returned, in its original condition, within 14 days (returns policy)

When is it advisable to order directly from the website?

  • When you have read about our carriers and know which one you want.
  • When you are experienced in babywearing and want to buy another carrier.
  • When you prefer a simple and fast purchase.
  • When you are buying a gift.
  • When it’s not possible for you to meet with a babywearing consultant

Consultation Meeting with a babywearing consultant

The range of carriers is wide and can be confusing. A babywearing consultante will help you choose the most suitable carrier for you and will also support you in all stages of babywearing (yes, even after purchase).

What are the benefits of purchasing a carrier after a consultation?

  • You can try on several carriers and choose according to your needs and preferences and those of your family.
  • You purchase the carrier after learning how to use it and ensuring it is suitable and comfortable for you.
  • You can see the carrier in reality and not just in a picture.
  • Consultation saves you time, money, and frustration on research, trial, and error – on the way to good, pleasant, and safe babywearing.

Although consultation incurs an additional cost to the carrier’s price, it saves you time, money, and frustration!

When is it advisable to meet with a guide?

  • When there is hesitation about a first carrier and a need for information.
  • When you want to save time, money, and energy on unsuccessful purchases.
  • When you prefer to experience the first times with an expert.
  • When you have non-routine medical conditions (premature babies, twins, scoliosis, etc.).
  • When you are sensitive to solitude and want to feel the fabric before purchase.
  • When you already have carriers at home and want to refine their use.

A consultation meeting is suitable for mothers who want to receive all the information required for the beginning of babywearing, in a personalized, fast, and accessible manner.

Who are babywearing guides?

All our babywearing guides have undergone training in the field of babywearing. The guides are familiar with the stages of infant development. They are familiar with the various structures of each carrier and know how to operate and adapt it to the baby and the mother, while addressing personal characteristics.

What happens in a consultation meeting?

The guide will demonstrate several types of carriers and how to put a baby in a carrier comfortably and safely. Then, you can try it together with your baby. This way, you ensure that the carrier you are buying is comfortable for you and that you know how to use it.

How to reach a babywearing consultant?

The list of guides is available here (link)

Purchase at Sales Points or Sales Events

One of the enjoyable ways to buy a carrier is at a sales event.

  • At sales events, there is an opportunity to try on carriers, and be impressed by a wide variety of carriers. Babywearing guides are available to assist with fitting.
  • Events are an excellent opportunity to meet other mothers in the community!

Sales events by consultants are held from time to time, and you can stay updated on the events page, Facebook group, or leave your details and we will send an email update.

Still confused? Contact us and we will help you choose the right way for you (customer service WhatsApp link)

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