Safety Rules of Carrying Babies while doing housework

The holidays are approaching and there are still a lot of chores to finish?
known to all?
We also know it very closely.
Every action is appreciated when there are children
especially small children
Especially when they are crying or resting
and need leads

so what are we doing?
Clean with them, arrange with them, cook with them
continue life with them
In a carrier, on the hands, on the floor
When they are with us they are calmer, quieter, more enabling

But precisely before the holidays
We have a lot of things on our minds
We are less focused
More in a hurry
and less careful
And at the same time
Our babies develop new abilities every day.
It happens much faster than we are able to notice and prepare for it.
Just yesterday he was lying in one place and hardly moved in space.
Today he reaches out and grabs a meatball from the hot pan (it’s the best case that he doesn’t drop the whole pan).

So I’m here to remind about safety rules
of carrying babies while doing housework

kitchen and cleaning
While cooking, the parent must always be between the oven and the baby.
Back carrying is perfect in this case.
When carrying a side, stand with the free side to the oven, to avoid burns from oil or touching boiling pots.
Keep all sharp tools out of the hands (and feet) of a playful and curious toddler
The first few times in narrow passages and opening doors, put your hand on the back of your neck until you get used to it
While cleaning it is important to remember that there is a child on your back, especially when you bend under the table or in similar actions
While washing the floor, wear only non-slip shoes
Do not climb a chair or a ladder with a baby in a carrier, your center of gravity is now not the same as you are used to
Please please don’t go to the grocery store near the house with a baby in a carrier 🙏 even if it’s only a 5 minute drive, even if you really don’t have enough time and you remember at the last moment, even if he just fell asleep. A baby carrier does not replace a car seat or recliner! Most accidents happen within a 10-minute drive from home.
Be sure to tie the back properly (passing the straps over the legs prevents bending to the side, in tie carriers).

I believe that many of you also have stories of cleanliness in the carrier
And hot pictures (I can’t get the guy on the SAP out of my head making arrangements with a baby in a carrier).
or tips for safer carrying
So we’d love to hear!!

Take care of yourself and your loved ones
Be sure to also give yourself rest and short breaks.)
And in the meantime we are making sure to organize surprises and specials for you for the holiday).

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