I am a mom of three beautiful kids – all of them homeschooled – and a wife to a husband who supports my passion for babywearing.

My first son was born prematurely, with relatively low birth weight and a weak stomach. When he was two weeks old, I used a wrap for the first time – he fell asleep in seconds, and since my hands were free I finally could take care of some things at home. The next day I discovered the possibility of discrete nursing: I didn’t have to hurry back home or carry a bottle with expressed breast milk or look for a safe place to breastfeed him. It became easier to be close to my baby and quickly respond to his needs, thus we both became calmer and happier.

Besides keeping your baby safe and comfortable,
baby carriers help you to keep up with your life.

Trying to find a perfect carrier, I finally created my first Mei Tai. And I just couldn’t stop there. With two and then three kids, babywearing became more than a matter of interest – it was the only possible solution.

It’s about your personal confidence and freedom in a long journey of raising your kids.

Since then, I have been interested in every aspect of baby carrying, always reading, studding, looking for more information. Eventually, I’ve become a professional babywearing consultant and dedicated my life to helping moms and dads on their own parenting journey. I see babies every day, which gives me the strength and passion to keep working on new models, improving and checking every little detail.


Topa-Top was founded in 2008 by Alina Ilyevsky, a passionate ClauWi babywearing consultant who is behind the development process of our easy-to-use baby carriers. Topa-Top’s high-quality babywearing products, approved by the Hip Dysplasia Institute, have been on the international market for ten years and gained the trust of many parents.

We offer a wide range of babywearing products in an incredible array of styles, textures, and colors, such as:

  • adjustable mei tai carrier
  • full buckle baby carrier for newborn and toddler
  • ring slings for babies
  • wrap slings for babies

and many other products for comfortable babywearing.

As of today, there are seven people working in Topa-Top, including professional seamstresses, administrator and courier. All of them are moms who are passionate about babywearing and love their job.

We focus on accessibility of babywearing for all, making it sure that there are ergonomic, quality carriers to suit every pocket.

Topa-Tops develops special models for parents with health limitations and babies with disabilities, premature infants, and children with special needs. If you need a consultation, feel free to contact us.

We are convinced that motherhood and babywearing can be beautiful, fashionable and stylish, so if you have in mind a custom solution, we’ll be delighted to take care of your needs and wishes.