The Brainy Band Board Game «Splittissimo»


The Splittissimo’s way to present a complicated topic of fractions is very straightforward and appetizing. Children really see how the division works.

Age: 6+, 10+

Number of players: 2-5

Time: 15-20 minutes

Weight: 280 gr

Instructions in English, Russian and Hebrew are included.

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This game will make you sweat, as you’ll be working for the famous and respected Italian pizzeria called Splittissimo. Its fussy clients love to order pizza by slices. By playing this game you’ll become such an expert in fractions that you’ll be second to none.

The game set is designed in a charming Italian style. It includes both rectangular cards with orders and fascinating round cards. The latter are trays with different numbers of pizza slices. Apart from cheese and olives, pizzas include tomatoes, mushrooms, and peppers in various combinations; each one can have two additional ingredients.