Straps – Options for Mei Tai (WCMT)


* Straps:

Standart strap are wide and one-layered, it is the best option for carrying a NB
length 200 cm (80 inch)
width 30-35 cm

Padded straps, are padded with flexible porolon. Fits most for bigger kids, toddlers, specially for back carrying.
length 200 cm (80 inch)
width 10-11 cm

Padded to wrap – those straps are partly padded, for 60 cm with flexible porolon, the rest of strap is fan out, wide and one layered wrap strap.
length 200 cm (80 inch)

Wide and elongated wrap straps – for tandem carrying toddlers.

Please notice!!!! If from any reason you will be willing to return your order, the price for customization will be not refunded. Thank you for understanding.

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