Topa-Top Tandem Mei Tai

Any Topa-Top Mei Tai sling with wide straps can be used for tandem carrying of two babies. This option is available, for example, for tandem wearing toddler and newborn or  tandem babywearing twins, but only if the smaller baby is not older than 4 months, and the parent’s clothing size is up to European size 40. For a longer and more comfortable tandem babywearing, we recommend a tandem Mei Tai sling. Actually, any Topa-Top Mei Tai can be ordered with an extension for comfortable tandem babywearing.


The existing extension options include:

  • Elongated straps: the elongation step size is 20 cm.
  • Extended straps: the extension step size is 10 cm.

For example, for a parent with a clothing size 40 and two bigger babies, you need to order 1 extension and one elongation.

For order an extension please tap on the link below:

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