Disana Mattress Protector


Keeping the mattress dry is essential for the health of your baby so that harmful fungi cannot take hold inside the mattress due to dampness. Disana’s mattress protector is completely waterproof due to a thin layer of non-toxic food grade polyurethane sandwiched between two layers of thick luxurious organic cotton. This protects the mattress and provides a barrier against dust mites. The double layer of cotton on the outside means that liquid will be absorbed and drawn away from the baby in the case of a nappy leak; and the cover is not fitted which allows the mattress to breathe.It can also be used as a changing mat or a practical waterproof cover for breastfeeding in a lying position. The larger size is also ideal for toddlers who are toilet training or just beginning to sleep through without nappies. The protector is extremely hard wearing and can be washed at 90 if necessary.

  • Outer fabric: 100% organic cotton
  • Filling: polyurethane
  • Care: machine wash 90°С.
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50х70 cm, 70х90 cm


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