Tummy Tub Baby Bath- Transperent Blue


Please note that the stock will be renewed in June 2024


Tummy Tub baby bath is 100% recyclable, BPA-free and requires less than half amount of water a traditional baby bathtub does.

Available on backorder

Free shipping to the point of issue or by mail in Israel for purchases over 450 shekels. Postal or Fedex express shipping abroad

Return of goods within 14 calendar days minus postage and commission

1 year warranty on all baby carrying, not including mechanical damage


Tummy Tub is the only baby bath that truly emulates the comfort and safety of a womb, and is a global favorite for all the right reasons. A Tummy Tub makes your baby feel safe and supported as they adjust to the world around them. Even toddlers and young kids love the Tummy Tub to safely play with water. Bathing your little one in a Tummy Tub is most therapeutically valuable – both emotionally and physically – from birth up until they are nine months old. Soothing their bloating pains and cramps, calming their restlessness and creating a safe space for them to get comfortable are a few of the benefits of bathing your baby in Tummy Tub.

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