Topa-Top Stretching Baby Wrap Brown


100% cotton
The Topa-Top stretching wrap combines the softness of jersey and easy use of stretch wraps with beater support and breathing of woven wraps. These unique features turn the newborn babies carrying to very comfortable and safe. Stretchy Topa-Top wraps are ideal solution for wearing twins and premature babies.
Suitable for carrying babies from 2.5 to 9 kg.

Stretchy Topa-Top wrap benefits:

  • Stretches only in width not in long
  • Very thin and breathable (much thinner than other stretch wraps)
  • Allows good support for baby like a woven wraps do
  • Provides support to parents back
  • Do not sag or stretch
  • Designed for the Israel hot climate
  • Do not have excess long (“tails”)
  • Allows comfortable breastfeeding
  • Stylish design and colors
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