The Brainy Band Board Game «Trafficars»


Trafficars is a game that has something for everyone. Kids and adults will like this game!

Age: 5+, 8+

Number of players: 2-5

Time: 15 minutes

Weight: 170 gr

Instructions in English, Russian and Hebrew are included.

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In this game the children become traffic policemen. Their job is to prevent all traffic jams. To do that, they will need quick wit, ingenuity and something else…

And something else

Playing Trafficars, children achieve command of numbers from 1 to 50 and learn to compare double-digit numbers. The game helps kids visualize the concepts of “intervals” and “difference”. Children accumulate knowledge easily and willingly in the course of this exciting activity.

From simple to complex

Even children who only know numbers from 1 to 10 can play Trafficars. Rules for beginners allow for gradual introduction of two-digit numbers. The more challenging the game becomes, the more interest it provokes and the more skills the players gain. Trafficars activates logical and strategic thinking, along with the ability to assess situation several moves ahead and to predict the opponents’ actions. This makes it interesting to older children and adults.

The game set includes cards with pictures of cars, every single one of them different. The number of dots on the cards corresponds to the number, which is also printed on them. This little trick helps children deal with some complications: the dots indicate the difference between such numbers as 13 and 31.  Differentiating between numbers like that can be difficult for younger children who are still learning to count. The dots also show that the number consisting of ‘two’ and ‘one’ – 21 is greater than 19, which consists of ‘one’ and ‘nine’.

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