The Brainy Band Board Game «Numberloor»


You cannot stop playing this game! No breaks for sleep or snack. On the other hand, you will soon discover that your kids learned to do mental addition and subtraction.

Age: 4+, 8+

Number of players: 2-5

Time: 15-30 minutes

Weight: 250 gr

Instructions in English, Russian and Hebrew are included.


Welcome to the magical house whose residents include a starry-eyed fairy, a charming princess, some curious giraffes, and other magic characters. Each resident occupies his own floor, and use a big hot air balloon instead of the elevator. The players will use this balloon to move from floor to floor in the course of the game.

The set includes several types of cards, all with wonderful illustrations. Children love to contemplate the houses and their residents, and their colorful images stay with them for a long time.

In the course of an exciting journey, the players learn to add and subtract in their heads and master addition and subtraction in tens.


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