Ruskovilla Baby bonnet


100% organic merino wool

Рrotects the baby’s still-open fontanel, softens the noises of the surrounding environment, gentle surface massages the head soothingly, adjustable model, if too large, the bonnet can be tied into a knot at the top of the head using a narrow silk or cotton thread, knitted to a shape, embossed knitting.



The wellbeing and health of a baby depends on several factors. Proper clothing supports the child´s wellbeing and development. Baby clothes made of wool help the child to remain suitably warm as wool has the quality to maintain a steady temperature and moisture protection on the child´s body. The temperature regulation of babies is not fully operating but a child dressed in genuine wool feels good.


  • no moth protection, no superwash treatment
  • off-white
  • the softest wool type of all
  • feels good on the skin
  • is pleasantly flexible
  • warms comfortably
  • breathes freely and does not cause perspiration
  • absorbs moisture without feeling wet
  • retains warmth even when damp
  • is self-cleaning
  • airing helps to remove odors
  • wash wool preferably by hand in lukewarm water or with a washing machine´s wool wash program (30 oC)

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