Nanny Owl Egg for Stress Relief and Sensory Integration


Owl egg is a very powerful sensory integration tool for kids

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Owl egg is a soft spherical bag. Getting into this egg you feel warm, comfortable and safe. It recreates “like in womb” feeling. Reliable handles easily turn the Egg to a hammock, swing or centrifuge for astronauts training.

Owl egg is a very powerful sensory integration tool that helps a child to become aware of himself in relation to the world, to feel the boundaries of his body, to learn to control it, to relieve tension and stress. The stimulation of the vestibular apparatus obtained in the Egg provides the nervous system with the necessary “food” for building basic knowledge about the world and the body.


Small – Diameter 66 cm, Child Height up to 110 cm

Medium – Diameter 73 cm, Child Height 110-145 cm


Small, Medium