Mamalino merino wool thermal pants


Short double-layer diaper pants. 100% merino wool

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1 year warranty on all baby carriers, not including mechanical damage

Merino wool thermal pants are worn over the diaper. Thanks yo the lanolin in the wool, the pants trap moisture and neutralise odors. The wool fiber have the ability to absorb and retain liquid. Thus, the pans do not leak and get wet. Wool allows air to penetrate into the diaper, and the baby’s sensitive skin to breath freely, thereby ensuring proper thermoregulation. Thanks to the natural self-cleaning function of the wool fibres, the pants are left hygienically clean.


Beige, Emerald, Purple

Size Guide

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Hand wash in cold water, or in a washing machine, wool mode. The pants must be washed beforehand, as they can stain fabrics. After washing the pants must be soaked in a lanolin solution to restore they waterproof properties. Do not rub, twist, do not dry on a battery.
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