Why is there a difference in price between various colors of a Mei Tai (Meh Dai) adjustable carrier? How to choose a Mei Tai carrier?

The prices vary due solely to the difference between the fabrics used in sewing of every Mei Tai.
Mei Tai in the price range of 490 NIS and up are made of a woven wrap fabric which is especially woven for the baby carriers and shows excellent results in load distribution and level of support.

There are also some more expensive models in this category, made of hand-woven wrap fabric and/or organic raw materials.

Mei Tai in the price category up to 490 NIS are made of woven fabrics with properties close to woven wraps. These are mainly thinner and more breathable fabrics, suitable for hot climate and summer babywearing. The thin models are perfect for babies up to 9-12 kg, maximum – 14 kg.

In addition, there are models in this category made of coarser fabrics, designed for heavy kids. These give excellent support up to 18-20 kg.

However, the model of the adjustable Mei Tai itself remains absolutely the same in all variations of fabrics and colors. Individual extensions are an exception:
– toddler size (1-5 y.o.)
– padded or semi-padded shoulder straps
– buckle or ring belt
– special hood design