When can you start wearing a baby in a sling?

Physiologically, the baby can be worn immediately after birth, observing the safety rules:

  • baby carrier suitable for baby’s age and weight
  • upright with legs out
  • make sure that the back is drawn to the parent along the entire length of the spine
  • the head is outside the baby carrier and the face is free of fabric
  • shoulders and neck is supported
  • the baby is healthy without interruptions in breathing
  • parent monitors child condition

In terms of maternal health:

Carrying in a sling is always preferable to carrying by hand.

The sling relieves weight and alleviates the back, arms and neck of the mother, but it is worth weighing the need for wearing in the first weeks after childbirth and possibly looking for other options (for example, for the father to carry the child in a sling).

The postpartum recovery period lasts 4-6 weeks, during this time it is recommended to rest as much as possible, monitoring the condition of the pelvic floor, which is especially vulnerable in the first weeks after childbirth.

It is preferable to start babywearing gradually.


Be mindful of your body for signs of pressure, pain, urine leakage and increased bleeding, and if these signs appear, try to stop babywearing and allow yourself time to recover.