How to choose a woven wrap right size?

In this chart we are using average cloth sizes, therefore it is a recommendation. You should take a larger size woven wrap:
if you are between cloth sizes
prefer longer tails
would like to lower the baby for comfortable nursing in a carrier
would like to use a longer carries in a future

*in extreme height measurements:
up to 154 cm you should take a smaller size
Above 176 cm you should take a large size

up to 3638
Rebozo1 (2,2)1 (2,2)
SEMI Rucksack2 (2,7)2 (2,7)
Rucksack(3,2) 3(3,2) 3
Kangaroo(3,2) 3(3,2) 3
SEMI FWCC(3,2) 3(3,2) 3
Front Cross Carry4 (3,6)4 (3,6)
Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC)4 (3,6)5 (4,2)
Double Hammock4 (3,6)5 (4,2)
Twin Carry6 (4,6)6 (4,6)

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