How to maintain your carrier

How to maintain your carrier

Did you know that there are enzymes in a baby’s saliva that start the breakdown of the milk while still in the mouth?

Long before it reaches the stomach at all.

You must also have seen white marks on the old carrier’s shoulder straps.

So they also originate in saliva.

The enzymes in saliva are so strong that they can break down the colour of the fabric and even make the fabrics rougher and more fragile.

In short, the carrier is destroyed.

Sun intensive use without regular washing also contributes to the loss of the good appearance of a carrier.

But you would like to keep your carrier nice and strong like new.

And sell it second hand at a good price, right?

So some facts about your carrier:



Stretchy fabrics very quickly lose their elasticity, washing restores them.

Ultra-thin fabric wears out faster.

Loose and airy weave fabrics, are more injured by sharp nails, buckles on bags, pants, the child’s sandals, etc…

Dark colored fabrics lose their appearance faster (baby saliva leaves white marks, remember, right?)

Woven wraps get better after washes, become softer, tighter, and hold better.

Buckles and straps

In our carriers we use a high standard and strength buckles.

But they can be destroyed too.

A car door slamming on the buckle, from dog teeth, a strong pull of a leash in the opposite direction, and also from a washing machine.

It is better to keep collected straps and buckles that put a carrier in a car or washing machine.


Important points that will help you maintain a carrier:

Baby saliva

– You can use suck pads for the carrier straps

– You can put on a cloth nappy (which is less comfortable but possible)

– You can engage the baby with a nursing necklace 

– You can also make sure to wash regularly (at least once a month, preferably once every two weeks for daily use)


– It is better not to leave carriers on sun for long periods (do not leave them in the car or outside for whole days)

– It is better not to dry in direct sunlight

Continuous daily use

– You should wash a carrier every month at least (better) because our sweat also destroys the fabric in places of contact.

and most importantly!!!

We agreed that carriers should be washed!

So how?

– First wash with half a cup of vinegar, preserving color.

– check that all straps and buckles have entered the drum

– Wash carriers that are used very intensively (every day and several times a day) at least once a month

– Follow our baby carrier washing instructions:

* for cotton baby carriers:

  • Washing temperature 40°C/104°F (warm)
  • Never use bleaching agents
  • Use mild, preferably liquid detergent
  • Use water softener if your water is hard
  • Dry-spin on gentle cycle only
  • Avoid high temperatures, especially in the dryer
  • Iron at max 65°C/150°F

* for contaminate carriers with silk, linen or wool/ cashmere

  • Washing temperature 30°C/85°F (cold/gentle cycle)
  • Never use bleaching agents
  • Use mild, preferably liquid detergent
  • Use water softener if your water is hard
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Iron at max 45°C/110°F


So that our beloved carriers may have long lives, and that we can pass them on to our grandchildren as well.

The carrier in the picture, for example, my son asked to keep for his children…