Didymos Sling Ima


100% organic cotton

Another treasure discovered through our pattern competition. The pattern was designed by Tatje Bartig-Prang and it features a mother breastfeeding her child. We found it very appealing as well and worth weaving it.

The harmoniously designed pattern was realized on our loom by combining a natural coloured cotton warp with cornflower blue cotton yarns for the weft.

A complex Jacquard weave, the pattern is the same on both fabric sides, the colour palette is reversed. It is a more heavy weight fabric offering plenty of comfort and hold for wearing heavier children as well.




Quality: Alongside with cotton we use more high quality materials for our wraps like hemp and linen or silk. DIDYMOS presents the highest quality challenges to its suppliers. All yarns are processed under our survey in Germany and Austria.

Our baby slings are tested regularly by the ECO institute. Until today, we always have received the valuation „einwandfrei“ (impeccable).

  • Didimos have been awarded the Corporate Environmental Prize by the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg.
  • Didimos are a member of Unternehmensgrün (German Federal Association of Green Economy) and BUND(Friends of the Earth Germany).


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Size 6 – 4.6 m, Size 7 – 5.2 m


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