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Topa-Top Stretching wrap

100% cotton

 For those who appreciate the softness of jersey and ease of use with newborns, Topa-Top has a perfect solution - 100% cotton strach wrap, especially for Israel. Our wraps combines the softness and easy use of stretchy wrap with beater support and breathing of woven wraps. Stretchy Topa-Top wraps may be suitable for parents of premature babies and twins, babies from 2.5 to 9 kg.

  • Stretchy Topa-Top wraps:
  •  Stretche only in width not in long
  • Very thin and breathable (much thinner than other stretch wraps)
  • Allows good support for baby like a woven wraps do
  • Provides support to parents back
  • Do not sag or stretch
  • Designed for the Israeli climate
  • Do not have excess long ("tails")
  • Allows comfortable breastfeeding
  • Stylish design in few colors
Wrap can be machine washed at temperatures up to 40 Celsius. Vertical drying in the shade

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