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Topa-Top Quick Top

Сotton, woven wraps, organic cotton

Soft Structured Buckle Topa-Top Carrier (SSC)
I appreciate comfort and accessibility which woven wraps provide, and really believe that it's a best option for baby carrying. Yet I am aware that using Mei Tai or full buckle soft carrier is easier and more comfortable for most parents.

So while developing my carriers I make them similar as much as possible to woven wraps in their functionality and in the way the weight is being spreaded. At the same time my main priority is to keep the carrier ergonomic, keeping the right (frog) position and providing support for baby's spine and hips while.

Our full Buckle carriers came a long way from development stage and to the final result, to allow the most comfortable carrying for babies and parents with different constitution.



Why Topa Top slings?

  • Only natural materials are used, cotton, linen, silk, wool and wooden buttons.
  • Only tested, high quality fabric are used. We try to carefully cheek the quality of our items and try to do everything we can to provide you a comfortable and convenient product .
  • All slings are handmade by moms for moms with love.
  • Ergonomic Slings which created with maximum conformance to the child's physiology and the parent's needs.
  • Models developed by a ClauWe babywearing consultant.
  • All slings allow for babies from 0 month (3,5 kg) till 5 years (18 kg), changing (adjusts) to allow the physiology right position for each age.
  • A wide range of models and colors.
  • A wide range of appropriate accessories.
  • Each baby carrier comes with convenient carrying bag.
  • The company with the experience of 4 years in babywearing.
  • Machine washable.
  • Soft design.
  • Allows you to discretely breast-feed.
  • Adjusts for parents size 34 to 52.
  • All slings allows front, back and hip carries position.
  • Made in Israel


for combinate carriers with silk, linen or wool/ cashmere

  • Washing temperature 30°C/85°F (cold/gentle cycle)
  • Never use bleaching agents
  • Use mild, preferably liquid detergent
  • Use water softener if your water is hard
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Iron at max 45°C/110°F

for cotton ones

  • Washing temperature 40°C/104°F (warm)
  • Never use bleaching agents
  • Use mild, preferably liquid detergent
  • Use water softener if your water is hard
  • Dry-spin on gentle cycle only
  • Avoid high temperatures, especially in the dryer
  • Iron at max 65°C/150°F